SilverSimilar to gold, silver has been a standard of wealth used around the world to trade for both goods and services. There is also a finite amount of it available, which is what makes it so valuable. However, unlike gold, silver is used up and cannot be replaced.

Because silver is an industrial metal used in electronics, it gets processed and is no longer useful for anything. This makes it rare and valued by investors across the globe. At Capital Coin, we buy and sell many different forms of silver. It is available in stock as well as by order in both bullion and numismatic form.

Examples of silver bullion include:

  • 1 oz .999 Silver Bars and Rounds (Sunshine, Buffalos, OPM, and others)
  • 10 oz .999 Silver Bars (Sunshine, JM, Engelhard, OPM, Lunar, and others)
  • 100 oz .999 Silver Bars (JM, Engelhard, and others)
  • 1000 oz .999 Silver Bars (by order only)
  • Silver American Eagles
  • Canadian Maple Leafs
  • Austrian Philharmonics
  • Chinese Pandas

Many people also choose to invest in numismatic silver (also known as “junk silver”) along with bullion. For those interested in this type of investment strategy, Capital Coin offers several options. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Silver Morgan Dollars (1878-1921)
  • Silver Peace Dollars (1921-1935)
  • 90% Silver Half Dollars (Kennedy, Franklin, and Walking Liberty)
  • 90% Silver Quarters (Washington)
  • Dimes – 90% Silver 
  • (Roosevelt and Mercury)
Two Silver Dollars
Capital Coin wants to buy and sell your silver. Contact us today for more information on the silver products that we can offer you.

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